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Durable Vinyl Flooring that Actually Looks Like Wood

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Durable Flooring that Looks Like Wood


If you’re designing a commercial, healthcare, hospitality, retail, or educational space, you may be drawn to the look of wood or other natural materials such as cork or bamboo. These materials create a neutral, yet warm and natural look for any space. However, the cost of wood flooring, like that of laminate, can be prohibitive for a large space. In addition, maintenance and cleaning can be costly or difficult. Both natural wood and laminate react badly to standing water or humidity, and temperature changes can also cause problems. Neither is particularly durable or suitable for public spaces.


Fortunately, today’s premium vinyl flooring is available in designs that mimic natural wood extremely well. High-resolution printing of wood patterning means that any room can have the look and feel of natural wood, recreated in durable and easily-cleaned vinyl. Tiling is now often installed in plank-type strips to create the almost-identical appearance of real wood. Better vinyl flooring manufacturers carry a variety of wood lookalikes, from bird’s-eye maple to oak, from American walnut to antique woodgrains, available in a wide variety of colors and shades. In addition, some companies offer custom options, so you can find exactly the right match for your project.


Durability Is Key


When creating a public space, appearance always needs to be balanced with other concerns. Initial investment is just one of the factors to consider; others can include ongoing costs of care and maintenance, safety, and sanitation.


Durability is one key concern – and high-quality vinyl flooring is well known for its ability to stand up to heavy traffic in virtually any situation. Premium vinyl will withstand whatever comes its way, from large amounts of daily foot traffic to wheeled conveyances or a combination of both. Many manufacturers offer a lengthy warranty on their products, some cover a period of up to ten years from purchase date.


Unlike other types of flooring, today’s premium vinyl performs well under almost every condition. Bottom line: for durability and longevity, vinyl can’t be beat.


The Vinyl Tile Advantage


Cleaning and maintenance costs can also become a problem with certain types of floors. Today’s vinyl flooring requires no waxing, and is easily cleaned with a damp mop or with soap and water. It can be disinfected simply, too. Flooring options for healthcare or educational settings include cutting-edge technology with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. Fire-retardant tiles are standard for many applications.

Safety is always a concern when you’re laying flooring for a public space, so be sure to opt for the latest in slip resistant products. Some vinyl manufacturers create products that offer even more traction in wet conditions.


Of course, vinyl tiles are also cost-effective. Why pay more for flooring that doesn’t perform as well in the long run? With wood-like vinyl, you can achieve the look you want at a fraction of the price of real wood.


Finally, the vinyl industryhas long been a leader in using recycled material in products. Look for a manufacturer that contributes to LEED credits for recycling and indoor air quality.

Advances in technology in recent years have made vinyl products some of the most attractive options on the market. Learn more about durable and high-calibre vinyl flooring that actually looks like wood!

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